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A New Look

SP SandBox recently received a whole new look. A new icon, new menus, and a new loading screen. It is currently awaiting review in the AppStore. Look for it soon.

SandBox Lite

SP SandBox Lite, the free version of the app, is now available on the AppStore. Try it out!

Introducing SandBox

SandBox is a wonderful application for both children and adults. If you can't get away to the beach this weekend, let us bring some sand to you.

Enjoy the full experience of playing in a sandbox. Push the sand around, rake it, even suck it up with a vacuum! Listen to either playful or relaxing music as you lose track of time while playing in the sand.

SandBox Features

SandBox is a great way to pass the time. Occupy your children or kick back and relax with SandBox yourself.

Find SandBox at the iTunes store now!

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iPhone/iPod Screenshots

iPad Screenshots